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In stock carriers are available in 3 different styles.


The Mei Tai  is a Chinese inspired baby carrier we specially designed with 4 long straps that are tied around the caregiver. Ties make this carrier extremely adjustable and comfortable.  Babies and toddlers can be carried on your front, back or hip. The Babyhawk Mei Tai is recommended for children newborn to 40 lbs.  

The Oh Snap!  is our answer to the soft structure baby carrier. Triple padded top straps, foam core bottom strap makes it the perfect baby carrier for larger babies! Recommended to use with 15 pound to 45 pound children, it has unique style and adjustability never seen before in a baby carrier.  Fully adjustable with webbing and buckles on the waist and shoulder straps -- makes wearing it a snap!  If you prefer a structured carrier with buckles,  this one is for you.

The Oh Mei  is the best of both worlds!  It's a baby carrier that is half-buckle, half tie-on.  The top straps are long like the Mei Tai -- offering tons of different tying possibilities.  The bottom strap is a foam padded buckle strap that offers lots of comfort and support.  The Oh Mei is recommended for use with children weighing 15 to 45 lbs. 

Whichever carrier you choose, be sure to choose a Babyhawk.
Mei Tai | Newborn to 40lbs
Oh Mei! | 15lbs to 45lbs
Oh Snap! | 15lbs to 45lbs
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BWF-Cloud-MT Birth Without Fear ~ Limited Edition Exclusive Mei Tai & ToddlerHawk ~ Made to order $109.99  Add To Cart  
BWF-Cloud-OMOS Birth Without Fear ~ Limited Edition Exclusive Oh Mei & Oh Snap ~ Made to order $139.99  Add To Cart  
1001-2 Oh Spit! Strap Protectors $15.95  Add To Cart  
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