Buckle Tie Belt Adjustment

You may find that wearing the waist belt higher on your natural waist or lower on your hips is more comfortable, this is very subjective and you will need to figure out what works for you.
When wearing a child on your back, frequently look at yourself when passing a window or another reflective object.  You should be looking for proper positioning, that the ties are in the proper place, and that the child still looks comfy.
Use a square knot instead of a bow when tying for security.  If you have enough tail length left over, feel free to tie it in a bow.
Adjust the waist buckles before you put your baby in the carrier.  
It is safe for babies/toddlers to have their arms out over the top if that is what they prefer.
Petite user? The bottom strap has webbing adjustments on it that you can use to scrunch up the straps about 2".
Plus size user? Make sure that adjustment on the waist strap is extended all the way out


       Average to plus size:  
     Waist belt adjustment is wide open.  



     X-small to small:
     Waist belt adjustment is cinched in.



     Small waist to hip ratio (commonly known as pear shaped):
     Top waist belt adjustment is cinched in.  



     Large waist to hip ratio (commonly known as apple shaped):
     Bottom waist belt adjustment is cinched in.