Buckle Tie ~ Front Carry


FRONT CARRY: Practice age-appropriate baby wearing!  This carrier is intended for children weighing at least 15lbs., which usually occurs between 3 and 4 months of age.  The top end weight limit is 40 lbs. 

Step 1:  Buckle the bottom strap so that it sits on your hipbones.

Step 2:  Hold your baby so that he or she can wrap his or her legs around your waist.

Step 3:  While supporting your baby, pull the body of the carrier up and over his or her back.

Step 4:  Toss the straps over your shoulders and position your baby deep into the carrier pulling any slack out of the carrier. The headrest should support his or her head.

Step 5:  Use one hand to support your baby and the other to grab both of the top straps that are now over your shoulders and hanging down your back.

Step 6:  Cross the straps across your back while making sure you are pulling them tight enough to support your baby.

Step 7:  Bring the straps back around to your front and tie them with a secure double knot under your baby's bottom.

TIP: If you are a petite user and the waist strap does not feel snug enough, make sure that you have the waist strap adjusters completely cinched.