Meh Dai ~ Back Carry





Back Carry: Practice age-appropriate baby wearing!  This position is intended for children with good trunk and neck control, which usually occurs around 6 months of age. 

Step 1:  Tie the shorter straps around your waist in a secure double knot with the pattern you want seen by other people to be against the back of your legs. The carrier should look like an apron hanging down on your backside, and it should hang to the back of your knees (approx). 

Step 2:  Put the child on your hip and scoot him or her around onto your back.  You should be leaning forward while positioning your back flat like a table

Step 3:  Make sure the child's body is centered on your back. 

Step 4:  While holding on to the child with one hand, pull the body of the carrier up between his or her legs and over his or her back. 

Step 5:  Pull the straps straight up over your shoulders.  We recommend doing a little hop while you pull on the straps because it helps to ensure that the child is nestled into the carrier. 

Step 6:  Pull the straps over your shoulders then cross them across your chest -or- pull them straight down like a back pack under your armpits (pictured) 

Step 7:  Wrap the straps around your body to behind the child's back.

Step 8:  Cross the straps over the child's legs and then under the opposite leg.  Bring the straps to the front of your body and tie with a secure double knot.