Our Story

Hi. I’m Robyn, the mama behind BabyHawk. In 2005 I gave birth to my second child, a beautiful baby boy who was born with a rare anatomical abnormality. My daughter, 7 years older, was born with Severe Gastroschisis, and later contracted Group B Strep Sepsis and Meningitis, which caused brain damage and blindness. Tending to these exquisite but fragile babies of mine demonstrated to me immediately that babywearing was going to be a critical component in our lives. My husband worked overtime, which meant I was alone with my babies, and sadly, the baby carriers on the market were out of my budget. They both needed me close, so I needed to be resourceful. I bought some affordable twill and sat down with the new sewing machine that my dad had gifted to me, and I made my first Meh Dai carrier. I chose a Meh Dai design because it would allow a softly structured front and back carry option, with the high adjustability of a wrap-tie closure. The finished carrier was a dream come true! My hands were free to take care of my daughter while my son was comfortably secure in my mei tai. Within just two months I had received so many compliments and inquiries about my homemade mei tai that I was prompted to sell the original on eBay. It sold immediately and I used the money to make two more carriers, which also sold immediately. Shortly thereafter BabyHawk was born! BabyHawk was built out of necessity, and has grown out of an intense love and passion for sharing with other parents the numerous benefits of babywearing.


MOBY® shares the same love and passion for babywearing as I do. They’re a small company with well-established family roots. I am thrilled that BabyHawk and MOBY® have come together into one big happy family of baby carriers! Together we have the privilege of supporting all parents and caregivers by offering a wide range of reliable and versatile baby wraps and carriers, so that all can enjoy the bonding and convenience of keeping our babies close.